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AbleVoices photographers participated in an event at Animalia veterinary hospital last summer.

AbleVoices, the nonprofit organization that provides photography programs for individuals with disabilities as a means for self-expression, empowerment and advocacy, is launching a 10-week photography course titled Photography for Self-Expression.

The online and virtual class is designed for individuals with disabilities who are age 14 and older. Classes begin Thursday, April 1, and will continue every week through June 3. Students will learn how to use photography as a means for self-expression.

“Now more than ever, while we are at home due to COVID-19, let’s connect by sharing our photos,” Jen Vogus, AbleVoices founder and executive director, said through the nonprofit’s newsletter.

Participants are given a new “photo mission” along with an instructional video and group discussion post each week. Students take photos to practice their new skills related to the photo mission. The following week, the instructor and class participants will meet virtually to share their photos and discuss what they mean to each individual, as well as the photography skills learned. 

The last week of class is a virtual exhibit in which students choose two photos from the class, write titles and captions and share them with invited family and friends.

There are two sections of this course available, at 12 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. There is a six-student maximum for each section. All digital cameras are acceptable, including smartphones. Local participants are eligible to use an AbleVoices point-and-shoot camera if they would like. 

“This will be a great way to connect and share about ourselves through our photographs,” Vogus said.

Contact Vogus with any questions at [email protected]Click here to register for the course. 

This course (or a school or community-based "photo voice" project) is a prerequisite for the AbleVoices' in-person or virtual Photography Club and the Project-52 course.

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