WCS Haugh and Garrett

Nancy Garrett and KC Haugh were elected WCS board chair and vice chair, respectively.

When it comes to the use of asynchronous days for Williamson County Schools, the district’s administration and the Board of Education aren’t fully in sync. 

That was demonstrated at Thursday’s work session when a few members of the board had a lengthy discussion on the topic with WCS Superintendent Jason Golden. And though not as in-depth as it was at the work session, the subject came up again at Monday’s regular meeting when Jay Galbreath, District 6 representative, suggested there isn’t a defined board policy that permits for the call of asynchronous days.

Golden had announced recently that WCS secondary schools would hold such a day Tuesday, Sept. 22, to help teachers and staff to prepare lessons for students, whether they are teaching on campus, remotely due to a quarantine situation, and/or delivering WCS Online instruction.

It’s considered a pilot day, according to Golden, and he will get with his staff Wednesday to assess how Tuesday went and to see if future asynchronous days are a possibility.

But Galbreath isn’t sure the process is right by policy.

“It seems to me that by allowing us to have a day like this [on Tuesday] without the board weighing in, … I believe we’re setting aside policy in doing this,” Galbreath said. “I believe we need to look at the policy-related calendar and the policy definition of a school day, because I believe we’re creating a new kind of day with this. 

“We’ve had professional development and that’s on the calendar, and we’ve had holidays on the calendar. But what we don’t have is a professional day that’s also a full instructional day.”

Parents and other WCS stakeholders can learn more about today's asynchronous day through the district’s YouTube channel as Golden speaks to that topic and gives the latest updates regarding COVID-19, beginning at 11:30 a.m.

Chair and vice chair elected

As is customary at the board’s September meeting, a chair and vice chair were elected Monday night.

Nancy Garrett, District 12, who served as vice chair under Gary Anderson before his retirement from the Board of Education in August, was elected unanimously as chair for the 2020-21 school year. KC Haugh, District 11, was elected unanimously as vice chair.

“Because we are in such a unique situation this year,” Garrett said in accepting the position, “it’s paramount on us to listen to our community and to our stakeholders.

“I think that our teamwork is critical right now. We’ve got to work hard and work together to support all of our stakeholders.”

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