Chris Hogan

A still from Chris Hogan's YouTube video.

Chris Hogan, a radio personality and bestselling personal finance author from Ramsey Solutions, is out of the company in what he says is the result of "personal" failings. 

"Recently it's come to light that I've done some things personally that are not in line with Ramsey Solutions, and as a result I'm no longer a team member at Ramsey," Hogan said in a video announcement posted to his YouTube page. Hogan, who has more than 117,000 Twitter followers and more than 250,000 YouTube subscribers, is one of the company's most popular personalities other than Dave Ramey himself. Ramsey, a conservative Christian radio host and author, has developed a cult of personality, according to people with experience at the company, and has flouted public health guidelines throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

Although he did not elaborate about the personal behavior that led to his exit, Hogan's extramarital affairs — and the company's handling of them — were at the center of an investigation from Religion News Service earlier this year

RNS' Bob Smietana reports that after Hogan's then-wife Melissa Hogan came to the company in 2019 with allegations that he had been unfaithful, the company set up a "restoration plan" for the marriage that included regular reports from marriage counselors. When Melissa objected, Smietana reports, she was told that she “lacked hope for her marriage’s future” and was eventually barred from her husband’s book tour. Later, Ramsey criticized her during an all-staff meeting. While another Ramsey employee had been fired for being pregnant outside of marriage, according to a lawsuit, Hogan was not fired for his affairs at the time. 

Ramsey and his company have categorized media scrutiny as spiritual warfare and lashed out personally against Smietana after his recent story about the company's culture. 

This story first ran in our partner publication the Nashville Scene.

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