Trading forward Viktor Arvidsson and defenseman Ryan Ellis were likely on the Nashville Predators’ offseason to-do list, but launching a Non-Fungible Token partnership? That one probably wasn’t as likely.

However, that’s exactly what the Predators did as they announced a partnership Tuesday with Fanaply, a leading digital collectible creator, to produce a limited run of 25 collectibles called “The Origin Series.”

The first of the series is the No. 1 of 1 “Gold Saber Skull – Genesis Edition,” which is up for auction on the Fanaply website for bidders through July 30. Also included in the winning bid are two Lexus Lounge tickers to any event at Bridgestone Arena they’d like. The other 24 collectibles can be purchased for $150 apiece with $35 being donated in each buyer’s name to the Predators’ 365 Pediatric Fund.

"Our fans have been asking us to enter the digital collectibles realm for quite some time, so we are excited to do so by going back to the beginnings of the franchise with 'The Origins Series,'" Predators Chief Marketing Officer Bill Wickett said in a team release. "We would like to thank the National Hockey League for permitting us to explore the space and look forward to working with our fans to further enhance the SMASHVILLE experience through more NFT series."

Fanaply’s NFTs are unique digital collectibles that use blockchain technology to guarantee authenticity and rarity, using serial numbers to mark the limited supply. The organization describes its NFTs as digital trading cards “whose original cannot be reproduced.”

The New Jersey Devils were the first NHL team to launch NFTs in early July, followed by the Vegas Golden Knights. Several NBA teams including the Charlotte Hornets, Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards have also joined the game as well.

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