Candidates running for seats in the August state primary and county general election have until noon Thursday, April 2, to qualify at the Williamson County Election Commission office, where they will need to appear in person and follow social distancing guidelines in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To qualify, candidates must present a petition that includes signatures of 25 registered votes who are entitled to vote for that particular office. School board candidates — both those in Williamson County Schools and the Franklin Special School District — must also present proof of high school graduation or the equivalent.

“They have to present hard copies; they’re not allowed any other way,” said Chad Gray, election administrator. “We’re only letting one visitor into the office at a time. I sent a letter to all the candidates encouraging them to file early.”

As of Monday afternoon, only one had qualified.

The Aug. 6 election will feature candidates from three state districts of the House of Representatives, as well as WCS school board candidates from six of the 12 districts and three FSSD candidates.

Brandon Ogles is running for re-election as a Republican in District 61, facing four Democrats who have pulled petitions: Samuel Bledsoe, Terrell McDaniel, Jatin Shah and Casey Ward.

In District 63, Republican Glen Casada is looking to hold his seat against Democrats John Fite, Karen Kendall-Fite and Elizabeth Madeira, and independent candidate and WCS school board member Brad Fiscus.

Republican Sam Whitson looks to continue representing District 65 against Democrats Jennifer Foley, Michael Lawson and Kreis White.

All six members of the WCS school board’s odd-numbered districts have pulled petitions to indicate they are planning to run for re-election, with three facing possible opposition. In District 3, Eliot Mitchell could have competition from Jennifer Moss, while Gary Anderson could be up against Jennifer Bourne, Margie Johnson and Brian Snyder in District 5. KC Haugh may have opposition in District 11 from John Fite and Karen Kendall-Fite.

Other incumbents are Angela Durham (District 1), Sheila Cleveland (District 7) and Rick Wimberly (District 9).

Also pulling petitions were Alicia Barker, Robert Blair and Kevin Townsel from the FSSD board.