Reggie Grimes

It’s not hard to comprehend how Ravenwood’s football team is currently 7-1 on the season, especially with players like Reggie Grimes II lining up for them.

It's no wonder he's considered the best football player in Tennessee: he is an absolute monster to block.

According to 24/7 Sports, Grimes is listed as a weak-side defensive end with a height of 6’4", 4.58 forty time and a 32-inch vertical. With the physicality that Grimes has, he’s being recruited by programs like Alabama, South Carolina, Florida State, LSU, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. 

With his size and strength, Grimes even plays a little running back from time to time. You can imagine how hard it is to tackle a 6’4", 240-pound giant is rumbling down the field at you. This comes in handy especially in goal-line situations.

The saying like father, like son, is very true in Grimes’ case, as his father, Reggie Grimes Sr, was also a defensive lineman in the NFL and is Ravenwood's defensive coordinator.

Grimes Sr. played his college career at Alabama during the late 90s and was a member of the Crimson Tide's 1999 SEC Championship team. He's the same height as his son and was even more formidable in size during his playing days. 

When it comes to where his son will choose to play college football, there is no telling where the younger Grimes will go. Alabama seems to be the front runner on paper since his father is alum of the program.

Grimes commented on what it’s like to be this close to deciding his future and how he handles it. He said this summer he'll make the decision on Nov. 2. 

“During the season I feel like it’s more of a distraction and it does more harm than good,” Grimes said. “Otherwise it’s great. I really do love the fact that I do have a lot of options and that I could go just about anywhere.”

The Raptors currently sit at 7-1 on the year after shutting out Smyrna at home 38-0. The Raptors could easily make a great playoff run with the talent that they have on their current roster.

Grimes stated that if the team takes it slow, they have a good chance of having a successful season.

“At the end of the day, just wake up Saturday being 1-0," he said. "If we do that seven more times, we’ll have a state championship.”

With his time at Ravenwood coming to a close, Grimes said that his favorite moments have been the support he has received from the fans and how great it is to play in front of his new school.