The Nolensville Knights hosted the Ravenwood Raptors Wednesday night in an early season WillCo volleyball matchup.

Ravenwood won tonight’s match by winning all three sets. And with Ravenwood being a perennial title contender, they came into the contest as the favorites. But Nolensville was ready for the challenge.

Both teams came out fired up and ready to play. The very first point was contested, as both sides made several saves and dove to keep the ball alive and it took over two minutes for a team to get on the scoreboard.

This was indicative of the nights matchup in all three sets. The Knights fought hard and jumped out to a 12-10 lead. Then Ravenwood seized control of the game, scoring jumping to a 22-13 lead. Every point was an electrifying exchange of athleticism and will on both sides as if it was match point. Ravenwood eventually closed out the first set 25-15.

In set two the Raptors came out more aggressively, setting up spike power plays to take a 12-6 lead. The Raptors continued to look impressive, and Nolensville fought for every point. With the score 21-11 Ravenwood, the Knights fought back to make it 22-17. Ravenwood took a timeout to regroup as the Nolensville student section became more engaged and intense. The Raptors held on to win game two 25-18.

In game set the intensity stayed high, but the experience of Ravenwood took over. They jumped out to a 7-2 lead. But true to form, the Knights fought back to take the lead 9-8. Ravenwood fought back hard to seize momentum and retook the lead at 13-12. The game would continue to have several more ties as neither team could take control.

With Ravenwood up 21-20, they scored three-straight times to make it 24-20. For the first time you realized the match could be over. But then Nolensville score two straight to increase the intensity. In the end however, it were the Lady Raptors who got the final point, making it 25-22 and ending the incredible night of volleyball.

Nolensville head coach Brett Young gave his thoughts on the contest.

“You have to tip your hat to Ravenwood,” he said. “They are a perennial state AAA team. Abby does a really good job with their team. I thought we played really well all night and competed hard all night. I’m really excited about this season we got a really good group of kids. Having no seniors can be scary, but it’s exciting to see how much we can grow, not only this season but next season as well. ”

Ravenwood head coach Abbey West shared that “Nolensville played a really good game first of all. I feel like we’re still trying to figure out our line up, and getting comfortable with each other. I feel like we’re getting better every time we step on the court. Tonight I think we got 1% better.”

The Lady Raptors will compete in a tournament Saturday in Murfreesboro against Siegel, while Nolensville hosts Spring Hill Thursday night.

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