john mcbryde

There was a time when back-to-school meant notebooks, new shoes and bracing for hot August days.

Now it’s Chromebooks, new masks and bracing for any upticks of coronavirus spread. Oh, and it's still pretty hot out there this August.

Yes, times have changed when it comes to education, and those changes have happened almost at warp speed as the months-long COVID-19 pandemic keeps moving along. It’s not a stretch to say the shifts are taking place practically every day.

At Williamson Home Page, we’re covering the rapid changes taking place in education in this “new normal.” From the behemoth that is Williamson County Schools to the eight elementary and middle schools within the Franklin Special School District, we’re reporting on the accomplishments and the challenges alike.

We’re also keeping our eyes on private schools, homeschooling and other means of educating children and teens throughout Williamson County. And we're making sure you know who your newly elected school board members are.

With this, we need your help. Just as the virus has had a profound impact on education, it has also had an effect on Williamson Home Page. Now in its sixth month and without an end in sight just yet, the COVID-19 pandemic has created quite the revenue challenge for all media outlets.

We are humbly asking that you become a Home Page Community member and join the many readers who have already stepped up to help. Your investment and involvement will allow us to stay on top of the education beat, wherever that might lead in these ever-changing times.

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