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On the heels of late-December flooding and closed roads in Williamson County and the rest of the Midstate, the National Weather Service is forecasting the return of heavy rains for early 2020 and the possibility of additional flooding. 

According to the Nashville office of the NWS, rain is expected Thursday and Friday, with heavy amounts at times. 

A flash flood watch is in effect for all of Middle Tennessee from Thursday afternoon to Friday evening. A flood watch means there is a potential for flooding based on current forecasts.

“After a nice one [on New Year’s Day], the weather will turn nasty very quickly,” the NWS said in a post on its Facebook page. “The ground is still wet from Sunday night's rain with streams and rivers running higher than normal, so flooding is a big concern.”

Rainfall amounts are expected to range between 2-to-4 inches over the next couple of days, with the heaviest amounts occurring across southern Middle Tennessee. Temperatures on Thursday and Friday should be mostly mild, with a high of 54 and low of 51 Thursday and a high of 60 and low of 37 Friday. 

“PLEASE do not drive through flooded roads,” the NWS stated on its Facebook page. “Days are short this time of year, and it is hard to judge the depth of water in the dark. There were several water rescues last Sunday in Middle Tennessee. When you risk driving into water you are also risking the lives of emergency personnel. Let's all just agree to not let that happen this time!”

Saturday should be a little more winter-like, with the chance of rain in the morning and possible flurries later. The high on Saturday is expected to be 43 and the low 31.

The outlook for Sunday and Monday is sunny with temperatures in the low 50s.

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