Roots Academy

Brentwood-based ROOTS Academy is celebrating a major milestone with the enrollment of 1,000 students, per a press release. 

In just nine years, the company has gone from teaching and mentoring 165 students to its present enrollment of 1,026 students — seeing an average of 36% growth year-over-year fueled by the company’s continued expansion that allows them to offer instruction across five dance studios, 14 music studios and a dedicated band studio, per the release. 

“In the beginning, 1,000 was an unimaginable number. The first six years of our existence were purely about surviving the odds and building systems and a program that met the needs of our ever-expanding student base. It wasn’t until 2017, when we moved into our new building, that we started to see that 1,000 was not only possible, but likely in the next few years,” shares ROOTS Academy President & Founder Kyle Chowning.

“Our passion is to create a vibrant community of growth-minded creatives who are chasing their music and dance dreams. Getting to 1,000 affirms that we have successfully created a business and set of programs that are helping students — young and old — pursue and realize their dreams. What an honor to get to steward all of this talent.

“Furthermore, 1,000 wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of all 60+ Staff, Mentors and Crew Moms who make ROOTS a reality,” continues Chowning. “Without them, ROOTS is just an idea. With them, we are ROOTS!”

The company says its growth underscores the popularity of ROOTS Dance Company, which now includes 115 competitive dancers, ages 5-18. The ROOTS Dance Company recently took home top honors at both the Starquest and Showstopper competitions, earning the highest-scoring routine, multiple Top 10 placements and recognition in choreography and costumes.

In addition, ROOTS Academy says it is experiencing unprecedented success with their new Band program.

Initially launched during COVID, the Band initiative is one of ROOTS’ fastest-growing music programs to date with 32 kids, ages 8-18, actively participating in seven different bands.

This summer, popular camps like Princess Dance Camp, Disney Voice Camp, Triple Threat Camp and Hip-Hop Camp, among others, will return. Registration for all summer camps is now open with early bird discounts available here.

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