The Sargent Legacy Fund has announced its endorsements for candidates in the Aug. 4 Williamson County General Election, per a release. 

The Sargent Legacy Fund is a political action committee focusing on local Williamson County and city elections, named after the late state representative and longtime county resident Charles Sargent.

The Fund intends to support candidates and causes that Sargent would have supported.

"A strong believer that local governments are better equipped to address local issues, Charles fought for limited government, lower taxes and better funding for education," a release reads. "The Sargent Legacy Fund supports the best candidates to further Charles’ view." 

The Fund will endorse the following candidates:

  • Williamson County Clerk Jeff Whidby
  • Williamson County Commission - Dist 1 Ricky D Jones
  • Williamson County Commission - Dist 3 Jennifer Moore Mason
  • Williamson County Commission - Dist 10 Meghan Guffee
  • Williamson County Commission - Dist 10 David Landrum
  • Williamson County Commission - Dist 11 Sean R Aiello
  • Williamson County Commission - Dist 11 Brian Beathard
  • Williamson County Commission - Dist 12 Steve Smith
  • Williamson County School Board - Dist 4 Josh Brown
  • Williamson County School Board - Dist 6 Jay Galbreath
  • Williamson County School Board - Dist 10 Eric Welch
  • Williamson County School Board - Dist 12 Drason Beasley

“The Board of the Sargent Legacy Fund is confident that these candidates embody the qualities and philosophy long advocated by Charles,” said Fund Chairman Ken Young. “Through their dedicated civic involvement, each have proven they have a strong support for preserving the quality of life for the citizens of Williamson County and have exhibited the type of leadership the Sargent Legacy Fund supports.”

Organizers with the fund say that these candidates "have exhibited the level of community involvement, fiscal responsibility, preservation and support for education to earn the unqualified support of an organization named for Charles Sargent."

Though, the fund has opted not to endorse a candidate for county mayor due to a conflict of interest. 

“Since Rogers Anderson is the Fund Treasurer, the board, in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety, voted not endorse either candidate for County Mayor.” Young stated.