FSSD school board Zoom

Before the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in March 2020, Franklin Special School District Director of Schools David Snowden figures he had participated in maybe one Zoom meeting.

“I can’t tell you how many Zoom meetings I’ve participated in since,” he said before an audience at Franklin Tomorrow’s Breakfast with the Mayors Tuesday morning at Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin. 

Snowden was responding to one of the questions submitted toward the end of the program in which he and Williamson County Schools Superintendent Jason Golden participated with presentations of highlights and challenges from their respective districts. Specifically, Snowden was addressing a question about the pandemic and how it presented an element that school systems have adopted for continued use.

“We continue using Zoom, especially when parents need to be at school in person but their schedule won’t allow it,” he said. “Having the ability to move to an online or virtual day very quickly now that we all have the technology [is key].”

Not surprisingly, in light of the shooting at the school in Uvalde, Texas, and other mass murders of late, someone in the audience wanted to know the districts’ safety and security measures. Golden said WCS is checking the recommended boxes.

“We have SRO’s in every building,” he said. “It was the focus of our board, the focus of our county commission, to make sure we do have SRO’s. 

“I don’t know how many articles I’ve read related to the Uvalde shooting, and when I hear the experts speak, every element they talk about is an element of what we have. It includes safety I consider obvious to the public and safety I’m not going to tell you. And that’s appropriate.”

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FSSD shines again in TCAP results

In a year of uncertainty, the Franklin Special School District maintained its long history of outperforming the state in every grade level and subject area in TCAP scores, according to a press release from the district. 

In fact, the district as a whole outperformed the proficiency percentage of the state by double digits in every core content area. 

  • English/Language Arts = 17% higher than the state proficiency percentage
  • Math = 20% higher
  • Science = 17% higher
  • Social Studies = 23% higher

“Our exceptionally effective, knowledgeable, and dedicated teachers, staff and administrators — with the unwavering support of our families and board — have a laser-like focus on ensuring all students learn at the highest levels,” FSSD Director of Schools David Snowden said. “Further, the FSSD’s emphasis on high-quality instructional materials, research-based instructional strategies, and data analysis for continuous improvement have yielded these extremely positive results. 

“These positive results are truly reflective of our teachers and support staff, all of whom were determined to overcome the numerous challenges of the pandemic to effectively teach and nurture every child each day.”

As those fundamentals were established, teachers assessed students’ academic levels and tailored instruction of new standards accordingly, as well as targeted knowledge gaps that arose as a result of the 2020 spring closure.  

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