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Dozens of students from schools in the F district have shown they have the skills and talent necessary to have earned a spot on the Tennessee Midstate and All-State Bands and Orchestras.

According to an article in the WCS newsletter, InFocus, of the 1,500 students who auditioned, 182 WCS students were selected or chosen as an alternate. Additionally, 37 students received the All-State status.

"Just to audition takes months of preparation and practice, above and beyond what they do in their band and orchestra classes every day," said WCS Fine Arts Director David Aydelott. "Qualities like artistry, perseverance, creativity and time management are essential for any student preparing for an audition, and those qualities so often transfer to success in school and life. Also essential are the parents and teachers of these students, as they guide these young people along the way."

Click here to see a full list of WCS students who were selected for the top bands and orchestras.

FSSD nutrition program now known as Food and Culinary Services

The Franklin Special School District’s Child Nutrition Department is now called Food and Culinary Services.

According to a news release on the district’s website, the new logo and name change better reflect the department’s updated vision “to serve every student a fresh, colorful, well-balanced quality meal every day in a safe, positive and welcoming environment.

“Each meal will be served by professional, knowledgeable and caring employees. Through promoting good nutritional habits for a lifetime and being inclusive of all cultures, we will ensure all students a chance to excel in their education and well-being.“

A year ago, the FSSD Food and Culinary Services staff began working with the Chef Ann Foundation, a nationally renowned organization dedicated to helping schools serve healthier meals made from scratch. FSSD has participated in a thorough evaluation, along with Chef Ann experts, and developed a priority list of recommendations. 

Many of the recommendations will be seen in the 2021-22 school year. However, the new logo and name change is one of the first visible changes for the FSSD families. 

“We are excited about the great things in the works for our Food and Culinary Services as we grow into our name, and will keep you informed as we make positive changes to our program,” a spokesperson said through the release.

Bethesda Elem staff.jpg

Staff from Bethesda Elementary School

Bethesda Elementary receives funding toward teacher morale

The holiday season may be over, but teachers at Bethesda Elementary still have reason to celebrate. 

The Beta Zeta chapter of the Alpha Delta Kappa sorority recently presented BES Principal Jill Justus a $500 donation to be used toward teacher morale. The sorority is made up entirely of educators.

“We are very grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of the Alpha Delta Kappa sorority, and we are so happy they chose our teachers to receive their gift,” Justus said through InFocus. 

Recognizing that all teachers could use a morale boost, the sisters in Alpha Delta Kappa chose Bethesda Elementary as the donation recipient because the school itself is in an isolated location. 

“We wish we could make this donation to every school because all teachers are working even harder this year, but we can’t,” said Alpha Delta Kappa member Diane Hartley. "We don’t want these teachers to feel forgotten. We want them to know we see their hard work and effort, and they are appreciated." 

Although she would not divulge their detailed plan, Justus said there are all kinds of fun ideas planned throughout the year. 

“We will give little happies throughout the semester,” Justus said. “This year has challenged us, but it has also grown us. The goal is for our teachers to feel celebrated and supported, and we plan on random acts of kindness for our teachers throughout the year. This thoughtful gift will help us do just that.”

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