The football field at the Brentwood Middle and High school campus looked like nothing but a big patch of dirt in mid-June.

Now that turf has been laid, that patch of dirt is a bright green field full of resplendent white and yellow stripes and gold and blue lettering announcing the new home of the Bruins.

Workers stripped away the grass earlier this summer to resurface the field with artificial turf. The resurfacing of the field represents the first phase in Williamson County Schools’s three phase plan of capital improvements at the BMS/BHS campus.

Future phases will see the construction of a 292-space parking lot where the practice football field currently exists, a new access road linking that parking lot to Granny White Pike and a new science, technology, engineering and mathematics building that will increase the high school’s capacity to 2,000 students.

The Brentwood Home Page spoke to WCS Facilities Director Kevin Fortney in June about the resurfacing project, which he said would cost just under $800,000.

Fortney said after the turf was laid there was still the step of adding an “infill” made up of crumb rubber and sand to the surface to make it seem more like grass.

“Once that’s all in there and groomed properly, when you walk on the field you’ll see about three-quarters of an inch of grass on the surface, then it’s a very cushion-type feel when you walk on it,” he said.

Just outside James C. Parker stadium on Thursday there stood over 90 giant bags of crumb rubber, weighing over a ton each. There were also several large mounds of sand.

WCS Communications Director Carol Birdsong said work on the field should wrap up by the beginning of the school year on Aug. 10.

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