Serial sports media entrepreneur Shannon Terry’s growing On3 network of college sports sites is seeking to force a former writer to shut down his new podcast covering Ohio State football.

Jeremy Birmingham left Lettermen Row, On3’s Ohio State site, in June. He appeared on YouTube shows and podcasts while with the OSU site, and he has since launched THE Podcast, also covering Ohio State.

In a lawsuit first filed in Williamson County Chancery Court and transferred to federal court in Nashville on Wednesday, locally based On3 alleged that Birmingham was violating his employment contract by operating and promoting THE Podcast and asked the court to issue an injunction against him.

On3 invested in Mr. Birmingham’s career,” the lawsuit contends. “By virtue of his employment, Mr. Birmingham had the opportunity to become acquainted with On3 advertisers (and potential advertisers), On3 users and subscribers, and others with whom On3 has had a business relationship. Additionally, Mr. Birmingham’s employment with On3 enabled him to enhance his social media following and visibility. Mr. Birmingham was in a position to garner more name recognition within the general public and generate more followers.”

Birmingham first submitted his resignation on May 28. In a June 2 email to Lettermen Row founder Will Crall included in the court filings, Birmingham offered to stay on for 30 days and said the noncompete clause was not enforceable because he was resigning “with cause.”

A reporter focused on recruiting, Birmingham thanked Crall but criticized actions taken by On3 since the company took over.

“Despite promises and assertions that things ‘weren’t going to change,’ there were a number of very negative things that happened quickly,” Birmingham wrote. “We’ve been given quotas on stories and message board posts — after being told we would not be given quotas.”

In arguing that his departure was “for cause,” Birmingham cited “the subjectivity of restrictive covenants,” material changes to the business under On3 and “statements that [Crall felt] ‘conned’ and [Crall’s] personal apologies for putting Lettermen Row in this position.”

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Shannon Terry

The employment contract envisions a six-month noncompete period, and the lawsuit asks the court to prevent Birmingham from operating THE Podcast “or any other internet entertainment and sports-related website relating to Ohio State University.” On3 alleges that Birmingham has contacted Lettermen Row advertisers in an effort to get them to advertise on his new show.

Terry launched On3 last year. He previously built and sold Rivals and 247Sports. Lettermen Row was among On3’s first acquisitions.

An initial case management conference is scheduled for Sept. 19. Birmingham and his attorneys did not respond to requests for comment. On3 declined to comment.

On3 is represented by David Johnson and Jamie Thompson of Butler Snow. Birmingham is represented by Martha Boyd, Megan Sutton and Lang Wiseman of Baker Donelson.