Teachers and other employees of Williamson County Schools who had scheduled to get their COVID-19 vaccines Saturday will have to reschedule due to a shortage of doses from the Tennessee Department of Health.

WCS was supposed to have received 2,000 vaccines to cover appointments Thursday through Saturday taking place at Independence High School. The district learned Wednesday, however, that only 1,000 doses would be shipped to the county. While employees who had scheduled their shots for Thursday or Friday could still proceed, there are not enough doses to also accommodate those who had scheduled for Saturday.

“Staff members and Superintendent [Jason] Golden have made numerous attempts to secure the additional vaccines, even offering to drive anywhere in the state to pick up the vaccine for our employees,” WCS Communications Director Carol Birdsong said in an email to staff.

For those who did sign up for Saturday vaccinations, they will be given access to registering first once more vaccines arrive in the county.

The district has again encouraged its employees to look for other locations offering vaccinations.

Meanwhile, employees of the Franklin Special School District should have no issues with getting their immunizations on their scheduled dates of March 6 for the first dose and March 27 for the second. 

“We have been assured by the Emergency Management director that because we are partnering with the Health Department instead of becoming our own ‘closed pod,’ we are far less susceptible to unreliable vaccine shipments,” said Susannah Gentry, FSSD communications specialist. “Our doses come from a different supplier. … We are confident that we will be able to vaccinate the approximately 500 employees who have signed up to receive the vaccine.”

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