Some afternoon snow showers have called for a few county schools to play it safe for evening athletics. 

Brentwood High School has cancelled its evening basketball tilts against Dickson Co. and will be rescheduling those for Jan. 6 (5:00 p.m. girls, 6:30 boys).

As for Summit High, its basketball games against Spring Hill is also among the cancellations for Tuesday. 

The double-header for Independence High School versus Page High School has been postponed for the evening. 

Fairview has postponed its games against Lewis County, and GCA has called off its games with Knox Webb. 

Franklin High School has moved its tilts with Ravenwood up to 4:30 p.m. for the girls and 6:00 p.m. for the boys. 

Battle Ground Academy has rescheduled its basketball games with CA for Wednesday night (girls 6:00 p.m., boys 7:30). All Tuesday night activities are cancelled for the school. 

Some events on as planned 

Brentwood and Summit's wrestling match for the night is still said to be on as planned as of earlier today, per Brentwood's athletic department. 

Brentwood Academy is keeping its evening games with Beech on schedule for now. CPA's games with MTCS and Lipscomb Academy's games with NCC are also still planned. 

Nolensville's wrestling match is on schedule, as is its NHS Winter Band Concert. 

Centennial High School has also kept its evening's activities, including basketball games against Mt. Juliet, on as originally planned. has temperatures dropping into the low 30s as the day goes on and snow showers in the afternoon hours. Freezing roads are a cause for concern with the conditions later in the evening. 

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