Page soccer 2022 region

With two goals by senior Charlie Chism and a stout defense in net by Jack Gorman, the Page Patriots (11-5-5) boys soccer team pulled off a win on the road 2-0 in the Region 6-AA semifinal against the Fairview Yellow Jackets (8-8-3) on Tuesday night.

“At Fairview, you are going to get a lot of heart and soul,” said Paige head coach Nate Clapp. “In every sport, especially soccer, they are going to play as hard as they can. We knew we were going to get a lot from them and have to work to get it.”

“We knew what we were in for and came into it with a plan,” said Fairview head coach Shane Smith. “It almost succeeded. They were trying to play a defensive game and then get a through-run. We had a couple of runs. That dime we put on the keeper would have changed the nature of the second half.”

“We stayed 100 percent, and I think it was only a matter of time before we scored,” said Page senior Charlie Chism. “I really liked the work we put in.”

“It was a big one,” said Page goalie Jack Gorman. “This is a great win to bring all 11 of us together and push us on to Thursday.”

In the first half, Gorman and Fairview senior goalie Hunter Varden made spectacular saves to keep both teams off the board as no one could break through in the first half 0-0.

“Hunter was a solid wall today,” said Smith.

Fairview had a chance early in the second half with a shot by senior Jose Perez, but was denied on the save by Gorman to keep the tie.

Page got on the board in the second half on a goal in the 71st minute by Chism with a header in the box to give the Patriots a 1-0 lead.

“I saw Josh (Goodwin) was going to cross it,” said Chism. “I was pretty sure the defender was going to miss it and got lucky.”

“He (Charlie) is one of the players on our team that is always giving it full hustle 100 percent of the time,” said Gorman.

Later in the 79th minute, Chism tallied his second goal of the match with a strike from close range in the box to stretch the Page advantage to 2-0.

“Hyatt (MacDonald) kind of served me on a silver platter, and that was a great goal,” said Chism. “I could not have asked for better.”

Page’s defense and Gorman combined for a clean sheet to win the semifinal match 2-0.

“He is phenomenal,” said Clapp. “This is one of the many shutouts for Jack. He is very knowledgeable of the game. Pretty excited to get the clean sheet for sure. Our defense worked hard today.”

“The communication between the four of us and the back line was the key,” said Gorman. “All of us listening to each other and on the same page keeps the ball from going into the back of the net.”

Fairview’s season comes to an end with this loss.

Paige will advance to the Region 6-AA final on Thursday night, taking on Central Magnet in Murfreesboro.

“When we play each other we make each other better,” said Clapp. “We got a lot of respect for them; they have a lot of respect for us. Every time we walk from a Central Magnet game, both teams are playing better and improving. It is just a good healthy competition.”

“We have to bring all the energy we can and start and finish like we did tonight,” said Chism.

“This is the third matchup we have had with them this season,” said Gorman. “After one tie and one loss in pks (penalty kicks), we have more drive than ever just to beat them.”