The 8th annual WILLCO Awards are set to take place later this month on June 21, and now all the finalists have been revealed.

On Monday, the Williamson County Sports Conference announced the remaining finalists for spring sports and overall categories, which followed the fall and winter sports nominees in May. 


Channing Garner, Independence

Maren McKean, Brentwood 

Sophia Rattan, Franklin 

Emersen Smith, Ravenwood


Gracen Beaird, Franklin

Riley Kate Greene, Brentwood

Madison MacMullen, Nolensville

Hannah Hodgin, Centennial


Blake Bevis, Ravenwood

Eli Lamb, Centennial

Ethan McElvain, Nolensville 

Drew Whalen, Franklin

Media Student: 

Matthew Bowen, Ravenwood

Natalie Finley, Independence 

Anna Raye Jones, Franklin 

Gabe Reeves, Independence  

Boys Soccer: 

Thomas Fields, Brentwood

Jack Gorman, Page

Landon Robbins, Franklin

Forrest Wells, Brentwood 


Ryan Brown, Independence 

Lauren Johnson, Centennial

Lily Kate Richards, Summit

Rylan Smith, Nolensville 

Girls Tennis:  

Disha Javagal, Brentwood

Lisa Messier, Franklin

Grace Stout, Ravenwood

Victoria Voronkina, Centennial  

Boys Tennis:  

Patrick Delves, Ravenwood

Sam Frank, Fairview 

Evan Ly, Brentwood 

Jackson Stone, Ravenwood 

Girls Track:  

Elise Dobson, Nolensville  

Reghan Grimes, Ravenwood 

Claire Stegall, Nolensville 

Sophie Yount, Brentwood

Boys Track:  

Aiden Carter, Brentwood

Cole Combs, Page

Mason Green, Ravenwood

Sterling Weldon, Nolensville 

Female Sports Coach: 

Ron Brock, Page

Nathan Clapp, Page  

Joe Fedoris, Brentwood

Brett Young, Nolensville

Female Sports Coach: 

Nathan Clapp, Page  

Brian Coleman, Summit

Mike Purcell, Brentwood 

Charles Rathbone, Page

Nathan Clapp, Page  

Female Sports Team: 

Brentwood Cross Country

Brentwood Track and Field

Nolensville Volleyball

Page Soccer

Male Sports Coach: 

Brentwood Soccer

Page Football

Page Soccer

Summit Football 

Female Athlete: 

Reghan Grimes, Ravenwood

Sarah Kate Rath, Ravenwood

Rylan Smith, Nolensville 

Kaylen Thomas, Ravenwood

Male Athlete: 

Blake Bevis, Ravenwood

Jacob Clevenger, Fairview 

Destin Wade, Summit  

Aaron Walton, Brentwood