Spring Hill's Matt Rogers has seen his fair share of adventures, but his latest will leave him as one of the voices of the Tennessee Titans. 

Rogers was selected in part by Titans fans out of nearly 200 applicants as the teams' next public address announcer, the organization shared Wednesday. 

He succeeds Duke Donegan, who was the team's longtime PA announcer up to his retirement in 2020. 

“I can not begin to express my gratitude to the Titans organization for trusting me with such an honor,” Rogers said in a release. “I am beyond grateful to my family, friends and fans who have supported me. I am honored and I am ready.”

Rogers is a former college football player at the University of Washington and sports broadcaster for Turner Sports. He was one of the top 11 contestants on the third season of American Idol and has hosted the Discovery Channel program Really Big Things and Lifetime's Coming Home. He is still involved with the Discovery Channel to this day. 

Locally, Rogers is the radio announcer for Summit High School. 

Fellow Williamson County figure Mike Keith is the in-stadium play-by-play voice for the Tennessee Titans. 

David Schindler, Senior Director/Executive Producer of Event Presentation & Production for the Titans, says Rogers gave the team everything it wanted in its next PA announcer. 

"We had a lot of great candidates," Schindler said in a story from the Tennessee Titans website. "I think at the end, I feel like Matt was the total package. He has incredible energy, he is a professional, he has done broadcasts on TV, podcasts, and he's a huge fan. When you combine all those things, the energy, the fandom, the professionalism, his unique, gravelly voice, I just think that he was the total package.

"And I think his audition proved that he understands the game. He is a former player, and I think he understands what is needed to fill the position."

Rogers will get started with the team for the upcoming 2021 season. 

Independence announcer Joe Deyo was one of the finalists for the job. 

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