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Samuel Tiblier


Samuel Tiblier, son of Christopher and Hannah Tiblier, is a senior at Brentwood Academy and this week’s Student of the Week.

He has had many accomplishments during his time at BA, but he said being on the Headmaster Honor Roll and Deans Honor Roll were at the top of the list.

One of his biggest passions outside of academia is swimming. “Swimming has been my passion for 14 years and counting,” he said. “My team is like my family because we train and laugh and struggle through every practice. Most of us have grown up together and will be friends for life.”

His top role model in life is fellow teammate Ian Marshall. He said he looks up to him for his powerful spirit and uplifting words. “Whenever I am struggling at practice, I just think of him and push through.”

When asked to name his favorite class at BA, his answer came quick: Christian Dynamics. “I learn something new about my faith every day and I grow closer with God and my friends around me,” he said.

Tiblier jokingly describes himself as hungry and tired. He added, “My older sisters say I’m annoying and weird, but my parents say I’m dedicated and compassionate.” 

When he’s not in class, he spends his time competitive swimming with the Nashville Aquatic Club, running his own Blacksmith forge and website (Jester Forge), volunteering at his local church and hunting.

After graduating from BA, he plans to attend Southern Methodist University where he will major in Biology and take a pre-med track. One day he hopes to become an orthopedic surgeon.

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