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Daryn O’Donnell


Daryn O’Donnell, daughter of Neil and Leslie O’Donnell, is a senior at Brentwood Academy and this week’s Student of the Week. 

O’Donnell is a committed and diligent student. She said her biggest academic accomplishment has been her drastic improvement in grades from her sophomore to senior year.

One of her biggest passions outside of academic is giving back. “From a young age I have grown up going on mission trips and doing volunteer work, and I have grown to absolutely love it,” she said. “Giving back has been my life goal and is ultimately what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Her top role model in life is her father, Neil. She said she admires him for always encouraging her to never give up and give 100%.

This year, O’Donnell said her favorite class has been Nutrition with Coach Eldridge. “It’s an informative class and is also a hard class that makes me challenge myself, and Coach Eldridge has really helped me throughout this first semester to not give up.”

Eldridge said of O’Donnell: 

Daryn is such a delight in the classroom! The world of nutrition can be difficult, but Daryn’s enthusiasm for the subject matches her work ethic.  She works tirelessly to master tough concepts in an effort to fully comprehend the material. In class, Daryn engages with me daily and always brings intelligent insight to class discussions.  I am grateful for the opportunity to teach Daryn for a second time during her BA career and will miss her immensely next year!

She describes herself as determined, caring and empathetic. When she’s not in class, she competes in track & field and volleyball. She also volunteers weekly at a nonprofit called Move. Move teaches special needs children through dance and music.

After graduating from BA, she plans to attend Auburn University where she will study special education.

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