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Lily Florian


Lily Florian, daughter of Rick and Lisa Florian, is a senior at Brentwood Academy and this week’s Student of the Week.

She has made the Honor Roll her sophomore, junior and senior year. Her favorite class at BA is AP United States Government and Politics. “I have learned more about the United States and the way in which the government functions in half a year than I have in the rest of my life,” Florian said. “Mrs. Stewart has truly lit a fire within me to pursue knowledge and information in order to better educate myself about the world around me.”

Outside of academia, one of her biggest passions is serving those who are homeless in the surrounding area. She has served in several soup kitchens and said she plans to continue her work in the greater Nashville area.

Her top role model in life is her grandmother, who passed in 2019 after a battle with cancer. “Even in watching her suffer the last few months of her life, she was still strong,” she said. “She smiled for her family and laughed and cracked jokes, even though she was tired and in pain. She was a strong, godly woman and every day I hope I can live up to be even half of the woman she was. She was a light in the dark and provided in my life a loving example of what a woman should be.” 

Florian describes herself as fun and spontaneous. When she’s not in school or volunteering, she likes to spend time with friends, work on photography and music, and sing. She has also spent a lot of her free time working with Habitat for Humanity. 

After graduating from BA, she plans to attend Covenant College and double major in International Studies and French. One day she hopes to become an attorney, work in politics and eventually be a United States Ambassador.

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