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Taylor Crabtree


Taylor Crabtree, daughter of Ashley and Ray Crabtree, is a senior at Brentwood Academy and this week’s Student of the Week. She has a cumulative GPA of 3.75 with a 3.83 for this year, and she has been on the Honor Roll all four years of high school.

Outside of academia, Crabtree said one of her biggest passions is sports, specifically her growth in tennis and basketball. “Pushing myself to grow as an athlete but also as a teammate and individual, both in tennis and basketball… my coaches push me to my full potential and further,” she said.

Her top role model is her mother, Ashley. She said she admires the devotion and care she has for her family. “Even the big and small things she does that may go unnoticed, I will never take those for granted,” she said. “As she works long days and nights, that never goes unnoticed by me as she sacrifices so much just to allow my siblings and I to reach for the stars.”

When asked to name a favorite teacher or class at BA, the answer was quick. “My favorite teacher was my freshman year biology teacher, Mrs. Dager,” she said. “There was never a class that I was bored in, and no class I have ever laughed and smiled harder in each day… Her passion for biology and the Lord kept all of us intrigued, learning, and interacting daily.”

Crabtree describes herself as loyal, funny and easygoing. When she’s not in class or competing in BA athletics, she spends her time as a tennis coach, as well as playing and teaching Pickleball.

After graduating from BA, she is planning to go to college to study Kinesiology with a potential minor in nutrition.

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