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Elliot Hayes


Elliot Hayes, son of Matt and Allison Hayes, is a senior at Brentwood Academy and this week’s Student of the Week.

He is a member of the National Honor Society and has been on the Honor Roll all four years of high school. He also has a GPA of 3.67. 

One of his biggest passions in life is acting. He participates in each fall and spring production at BA that he is able to. “I have been in every single one since 6th grade… being in my final, 11th show this year,” he said. “I have been in many leading roles and I love acting because I can become another character and I love making people laugh.”

His favorite class at BA is Economics with Coach Scott Wells. He said, “We have a very good time in his class learning about everything like government, politics and money management. I love this class because it is very applicable to the real world.”

Hayes said his top role model in life is BA Director Andy Bradshaw. He said he looks up to him for his composure and professionalism, and is inspired by his passion and devotion to Christ.

He describes himself as happy, fun and loving. When he’s not in class or preparing for a production, he enjoys working on Yearbook Staff and participating in Chess Club.

In terms of a career, Hayes plans to pursue a career as a hospital CEO, which is what his father did. He also wants to build a real estate portfolio with several properties like his mother. That way, he can always have a passive income and succeed as a CEO.

After graduating from BA, he plans to attend The University of Tennessee-Knoxville to pursue a master’s degree in business or health administration and get his professional journey started.

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