r buck AOW

Rachel Buck


Rachel Buck, daughter of Susan and Reuben Buck, is a freshman at Brentwood High School and this week’s Student of the Week. 

Buck is a dedicated student and this year, she achieved the highest grade in the first semester of her English I class.

One of her biggest passions is music. She plays piano and trumpet with aspirations to learn clarinet.

Her sisters are her top role models in life. “They work so hard and have a positive attitude,” she said. “They do their best and love others. I love them so much.”

When asked to pick her favorite class at BHS, she chose Algebra I. “Math is so enjoyable and makes me want to learn,” she said. 

Buck describes herself as cheerful and optimistic. When she’s not in school, she spends her time participating in the BHS Marching Band, 4H, Best Buddies and more.

English I teacher Athena Phillips said of Buck, “Rachel Buck is an outstanding individual in every way. She goes above and beyond in terms of quality and thoroughness in her homework assignments, projects and papers. She is also an extremely polite individual. She thanks me every day before she leaves the classroom. Her kindness for others is also a quality of hers that does not go unnoticed. Her positive mindset and outlook are very refreshing.”

After graduating from BHS, she plans to go to college and pursue a major in the arts.