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Edith Corey


Edith Corey, daughter of Heidi and Scot Corey, is a junior at Brentwood High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

She was awarded Most Outstanding Student in Chemistry Honors and English II Honors and named AP U.S. History’s Student of the Week.

Her biggest passion in life—outside of academia—is her friendships. “My friends make sure I appreciate the small moments of life to find a balance in my commitments,” she said.

One of her top role models is her sister, Vivian. She said she looks up to her because of her success, no matter what challenge was in front of her.

AP Language with Mr. Baker is her favorite class at BHS. She said she values the intellectual journey the class provides and the deep discussions about literature.

Corey describes herself as precise, dedicated and dependable. When she’s not in school, Corey enjoys being in BHS productions, as well as participating in Girl Scouts, Key Club Music Circle and the Bullet Journal Club. 

BHS Physics teacher, Mr. Roberto Marrero, said of Corey, “She is a curious young scholar, which will investigate and inquire about topics she finds interesting. She is thorough in her analysis work and very deliberate in recording observations and detailing analysis work in laboratory and problem solving challenges. She shares in learning when paired or in small groups. Judicious and mature beyond her years.”

After graduating from BHS, she plans to go to college to pursue a career in criminal sciences or fine arts.

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