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Joud Nofal, daughter of Khaldoun Nofal and Susan Ramadan, is a freshman at Brentwood High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

In her time at BHS, she has made the A/B Honor Roll and achieved a top spot in a few of her classes. 

One of Nofal’s biggest passions is learning new things. She said she likes to learn what she’s been missing out on and loves learning new things.

Her top role models are her parents. She said, “Seeing them work hard and support a family of six makes me want to work harder and show them that they did good with me.”

Nofal said her favorite class at BHS is math. “I just like to answer the questions and I’m pretty fast at it,” she said.

Nofal’s biology teacher, Ms. Rachel Lytle, said of her, “She is in my study hall and honors biology classes. She is new to Brentwood, participates in class, helps others and helped make signs for the windows for the Ravenwood game during study hall.”

When asked to describe herself in a few words she said she is ambitious, open minded, considerate and confident. When she’s not in class she enjoys playing soccer and participating in Model United Nations

After graduating from BHS, she hopes to go to an Ivy League college. She would like to one day be either a surgeon or a lawyer.

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