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Sloan Hoesel


Sloan Hoesel, son of Mark and Gayle Hoesel, is a sophomore at Brentwood High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

He has a 4.44 GPA and is a straight A student.

His favorite class at BHS is Weights and Kinesiology with Coach Crawford. He said, “He makes the class fun… always cracking jokes while teaching. He pushes us to be our best and he is always coming to individuals to give extra instruction.”

Crawford said of Hoesel:

Sloan is in my first period weights class, arrives early every day, and is first one dressed out. He is very mindful in his practice of our exercise selection each day. Performs all prescribed lifts with outstanding proficiency, desires to be taught, has shown great diligence and become a very functional lifter. Although Sloan is quiet, his approach to my class is very inspirational to me by simply doing his best every day. It has been great having him in class.

When he’s not in class, he spends time investing in one of his biggest passions: rock climbing. “There are many ways to climb one route,” he said. “Also each climb is challenging you in different mental or physical ways.”

One of his top role models in life is his father, Mark. He said he looks up to him for his helping heart and love of traveling and the outdoors. “He pushes me to work hard and pursue excellence in everything I do.” 

Hoesel describes himself as adventurous, outdoorsy, fun-loving and artistic. Outside of rock climbing, he also loves participating in his church’s youth group, Mu Alpha Theta and Medicine Club.

After graduating from BHS, he plans to pursue a career in sports medicine or surgery.

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