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Noah True, son of Pat and Jennifer True, is a sophomore at Brentwood High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

He is the recipient of several Madison awards for TV and film including Best Short Film, PSA and News Package. He won the Academic Excellence Award for Best TV and Film Level 1 Student. He is also on the freshman Honor Roll.

True said his biggest passions are film and broadcasting. “I enjoy all aspects of the field—writing, camera work, directing, editing… It has always been an interest for me, and really has become my passion during high school.”

His top role models in life are his parents. He said that he has “always looked up to them” and that they are truly great people.

TV and Film Level 2 is his favorite class at BHS. “I find it to be an extremely enjoyable class,” he said. “I hope to become a paid intern for the program soon.”

True describes himself as analytical, curious and creative. When he’s not in school, he enjoys participating in the Cyber Patriots Club and doing film shoots. He is typically filming for different sports and the drama team as a part of the TV and Film class.

One of True’s teachers said of him, “Noah is very creative, mature and a hard worker. [He] has an innate curiosity that permeates every aspect of life. His willingness to participate in class and ask stimulating questions keeps everyone, including teachers, on their toes.”

After graduating from BHS, he plans to go to film school in order to gain more experience and make connections. Then, he hopes to secure a job working in creative film or broadcasting.

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