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Raymond “Alex” Gardocki


Raymond “Alex” Gardocki, son of Raymond Gardocki and Eunice Huang, is a sophomore at Brentwood High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

When he was only in 7th grade, Gardocki scored a 33 composite score on the ACT through the Duke Tip program. In 8th grade, he placed in multiple categories at the Tennessee State Science Olympiad Competition.

One of his biggest passions outside of academia is playing the piano. He loves learning new songs and then performing them. “I have recently started composing my own songs,” he said, “which has been a fun outlet for creativity.”

Gardocki said his top role model in life is American special effects designer, actor and TV personality, Adam Savage. Savage is famously known for his hosting of the Discovery series MythBusters. “[He] acts as a wonderful example of how to spread joy to others while fostering creativity and curiosity, traits which I value highly,” he said.

His favorite class at BHS is physics “I love problem solving, and physics is essentially just learning how to solve problems by putting the real world in terms of math,” he said.

Gardocki describes himself as curious, introverted and kind. When he’s not in class, he likes to spend his time competing on the Boys Cross Country Team, playing piano and guitar and programming.

After graduating from BHS, he said he would like to pursue a career as a software engineer.

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