r chaudry SOW

Rajveer Chaudry


Rajveer Chaudry, son of Pamela Chaudry, is a sophomore at Ravenwood High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

He is a participant in the Science Olympiad, Science Bow and Biological Breakthrough, and is a member of the Math Competition Club. 

One of his top passions in life is math. “I have been interested in it since I was a very young child,” Chaudry said. “I have participated in numerous math competitions as well.” 

English II Honors teacher, Brittany Stidham, said of Chaudry, “Raj is a very hardworking and dedicated student. He cares deeply about his education and his peers. Raj is always nice and polite no matter who he is speaking with.”

AP Biology is his favorite class at RHS. “I keep learning something new every day about life and our surroundings,” he said of the class.

His top role model in life is his mother, Pamela. “She has defied numerous obstacles and she has always balanced work and family to spend time with me,” he said. 

After graduating from RHS, he plans to go to college to pursue a major in Business Administration. He hopes to attend Georgia Tech University.