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Catalina Garay


Catalina Garay, daughter of Maria Florez and Sebastian Garay, is a sophomore at Ravenwood High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

Her biggest passions are her academic goals as well as basketball and softball. She plays both for Ravenwood High. “I like being able to improve on my athletic abilities,” she said. “Both [school and sports] have also allowed me to create strong friendships.” 

Her favorite class at RHS is criminal justice. She said she has been interested in the criminal justice system for a long time, so this class is giving her an inside look.

One of Garay’s teachers, Ms. Kelsey Sumrall, said of her, “Every day when she comes in she gets right to the bell work without prompting. She listens well in class and puts creative effort into her scene-work. Every day she looks at me and says, ‘Thank you, Ms. Sumrall’ as she leaves class.”

Her mother, Maria, is her top role model in life. “She has always been there for me and pushes me to be the best version of myself,” she said. “She has taught me so much about life.”

Garay describes herself as outgoing and trustworthy. “I always try to be nice to everyone around me so they know they can be themselves,” she said. 

After graduating from RHS, she hopes to continue her basketball career in college and pursue a degree in criminal justice or law.

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