c castleberry SOW

Caitlin Castleberry


Caitlin Castleberry, daughter of Vara and Tommy Castleberry, is a sophomore at Ravenwood High School and this week’s Student of the Week.

Her biggest passions are music and art. Castleberry plays violin, electric guitar and piano, and enjoys painting and drawing.

She has previously been the Concert Master of the Tennessee Youth Symphony and the Williamson County Honors Orchestra. She is currently the 3rd chair in the Williamson County Honors Orchestra.

One of her favorite classes at RHS is AP Music Theory with Mrs. Hellmers. “I am a huge music nerd and love the class,” she said. “Mrs. Hellmers is the sweetest person and is so encouraging… I look forward to the class every day!”

Hellmers said of Castleberry, “Caitlin has an infectious enthusiasm, passion and talent for music that makes the whole class brighter! She works incredibly hard and always has a positive attitude, which permeates into the whole class. I hope that she joins choir next year so that I get to work with her for another year.” 

When asked to pick her top role model, Castleberry chose Brian May, the electric guitarist for Queen. May is also an astrophysicist. “I am so inspired by his success not only in the music industry, but in the physic world as well,” she said.

After graduating from RHS, she plans to attend Belmont University to pursue a career as a jazz violinist or a rock guitarist.