Tennessee Bank & Trust

Tennessee Bank & Trust has recruited a veteran commercial banker and underwriter to lead its Williamson County team.

Tricia Swann has joined Tennessee Bank & Trust, one of eight community lenders owned by investor Gaylon Lawrence Jr., as executive vice president and will take over as Williamson County executive from Brian Shaw, who has been named executive VP of business development and sales.
Swann had been with First Horizon Bank for nearly four years before her most recent position as senior underwriting manager was consolidated to the bank’s Memphis headquarters operations after the acquisition and integration of Capital Bank.
Before that, she had been a commercial relationship manager at First Horizon as well as at SunTrust Bank and Fifth Third Bank. She also was an underwriting manager at Franklin Synergy Bank early last decade.
“We are thrilled to have Tricia join our team as Williamson County Executive,” said Tennessee Bank & Trust President and Chief Banking Officer Brian Heinrichs. “We’re looking for driven, passionate people who can help bring a vision to life and she fits that description to a ‘T.’ She is an industry veteran with extensive experience in banking, lending and credit, and her energy and leadership will be an invaluable asset.”

Founded in 2004, Tennessee Bank & Trust is headquartered on Hillsboro Pike in Green Hills and also has an office on Carothers Parkway in Franklin. The bank finished the first quarter with a loss of $511,000 and assets of $272 million.

A year earlier, those numbers were a profit of $318,000 and $275 million. The biggest factor in the drop in profitability was a $600,000 jump in salaries and benefits costs as Heinrichs and a number of other senior leaders came aboard.

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