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The Tennessee Democratic Party will pay a civil penalty totaling $103,000 to resolve a series of issues federal regulators had with the party’s financial reporting during the 2016 election cycle.

The Federal Election Commission found that the party improperly reported millions of dollars' worth of contributions during the cycle, much of that transferred from joint fundraising accounts with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The party later accounted for most of the contributions.

Regulators also dinged Tennessee Democrats for keeping lax records on employee time.

Party leadership has fully turned over since 2016, and new TNDP chair Hendrell Remus in part blamed the issues on a former compliance contractor, which the party has since abandoned.

The FEC accepted a conciliation agreement with the state party late last month. In it, the TNDP agreed to pay $103,000 over the course of the next eight months. According to Remus, that’s a big discount from the $352,000 fine first proposed.

He said he is working on putting “processes in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again” while also making sure future contracts with compliance firms include language requiring them to contribute to fines.

Remus added that he has sought to bolster the state party’s fundraising apparatus in the months since taking over, and that has left the TNDP in “a good place financially.”

“I hate to pay the money, obviously, especially being a new chairman coming in,” Remus said. “I wasn’t anticipating taking on this type of debt early on in my tenure. … Now it becomes just another bill we’ve got to pay. I’m not satisfied with the $103,000. I would have liked it to be zero. We’ve worked out a plan to make sure we can repay it.”