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Natalie Dickson

Tennessee Oncology, which bills itself as one of the largest providers of oncology care in the country, has reorganized its executive team.

Today, the group announced that Stephen Schleicher, who formerly served as the company’s medical director of value-based care, will take over one of Natalie Dickson’s titles — chief medical officer. Dickson will continue to serve in her role as president of the company and will assume the role of chief strategy officer, a newly created position.

According to a release, as chief medical officer, Schleicher will oversee the practice’s clinical program. Meanwhile, Dickson will pivot her focus to the long-term growth of Tennessee Oncology.


Stephen Schleicher

“As Tennessee Oncology continues to grow — with over 190 oncology providers across 33 clinics — Dr. Dickson’s strategic leadership through this transformational period is crucial to our continued success,” Tennessee Oncology CEO Ron Horowitz said in the release. “Furthermore, Dr. Schleicher’s promotion to CMO characterizes our commitment to clinical quality and innovation. Together these two physician leaders will continue to shape Tennessee Oncology into one of the largest and most innovative practices in the country.”

For the past three years, Schleicher has served as the medical director of value-based care across both Tennessee Oncology and OneOncology, a national network of more than 700 private oncology providers. He also serves as the president of the Tennessee Oncology Practice Society, according to the release.

“Dr. Schleicher brings a unique background to oncology. As a graduate of Harvard Business School and an ex-McKinsey consultant, Dr. Schleicher is always looking for new ways to deliver care to maximize quality and patient experience,” Dickson said.

Schleicher trained at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York before returning to Nashville to join Tennessee Oncology.

During her tenure at Tennessee Oncology as chief medical officer, Dickson has spearheaded the group’s entrance into Medicare’s Oncology Care Model, created an internal medical care program, fostered a financial counseling team and started integrative oncology and genetics counseling programs.