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Although it would be pompous of me to imply I have enough correspondence from readers to have a regular feature called “Bob’s Mail Bag” or something of that nature, I do occasionally receive emails from folks who want to comment on something I write here. 

Whether it’s positive or negative, I always respond, because I am truly grateful someone would take the time to let me know his/her thoughts. I’ve also learned a great deal along the way (even though at least one reader has questioned that, as I’ll explain a little later) 

Some years ago, when Harley-Davidson was proposing to build on the former Flagpole Property, which is behind my house, I wrote how I was indifferent to their plans. I’ve never been a motorcycle guy, but I thought they would be okay as neighbors 

Ken Travis, now a Brentwood city commissioner, quickly enlightened me. A resident of a neighborhood adjacent to mine, Ken explained to me the noise that would come from test drives. He also told me H-D  was considering building an onsite music venue to hold concerts 

He warned how the combination of those sounds would be disruptive to our tranquil suburban life.  

My indifference quickly changed to opposition after receiving this information. (As it turned out, they stayed put down in Cool Springs.)  

When I have expressed frustration with technology, a handful of you have been kind of enough to dumb it down for me and explain how I can, in fact, use a feature on my iPhone that I might believe is beyond my abilities.  Last year several of you gave advice on making a homemade antenna when our cable service was excluding certain channels.  

And many of you have been kind enough to share experiences similar to mine, such as pulling down wallpaper, negotiating with a spouse over important matters such as the number of cake mixes that should sit on the kitchen pantry shelves, or lamenting along with me over the ups and downs of our favorite baseball teams.  

Not all of you love when I write about politics. As that subject does with so many, it will sometimes get your dander up.  

Your thoughts and opinions on my thoughts and opinions in the political realm have been fascinating.  

A few months back, when I wrote that I had learned a lot but was still unsure how I would vote in the presidential election, one reader bluntly called into question my having learned anything if I was still undecided 

And a couple of weeks ago, as I was completing a response to a reader who had taken me to task for having an obvious right-wing bias, I laughed out loud as a new email popped up from a very nice lady who said she enjoyed my columns even though I “swing more liberal than conservative.”  

Obviously, it’s all in perception, and that’s okay. I love hearing from you, no matter what you think, and appreciate the opportunity to provide clarity when needed 

And they’re back 

How much are you enjoying having a full slate of sporting events to watch again?  

As the pandemic continues into Month Seven, and as the weather turns cooler and the daylight hours shorter, it helps to have football, both college and NFL, starting again to supplement baseball games I’ve been enjoying since July.  

So far, on the college level, it might not be the teams I would have chosen to watch in the past. But as one national columnist so eloquently put it a couple of weeks ago, “Yes, on that long list of ‘Things I wouldn’t believe if you told me in February 2020,’ I can add: I was fired the hell up to watch Central Arkansas play Austin Peay on a Saturday night.” 

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  

And speaking of coming back, it looks like the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences are scrambling to salvage their football seasons after all. Not that I know anything about any of this, but my hunch is there was a big old collective “uh-oh” when the other three Power Five conferences failed to call their bluffs.  

In this year of stuff we could have never imagined, the unimaginable keeps happening. 


Bob McKinney is a longtime Brentwood resident, happy husband and proud father, father-in-law and grandfather. Email him at [email protected] 


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