Titans bitcoin

Less than 24 hours after Tennessee became the second state to recognize and allow decentralized autonomous organizations (read more here), the state has made tech industry headlines again.

The Tennessee Titans have announced they are now the first NFL franchise to accept bitcoin for key investments through a third-party conversion service. Fans will be able to purchase season tickets, suites and sponsorships using bitcoin.

For now, the pro-football organization will allow bitcoin only for large purchases and recurring payment. But the team hopes to open up the payment option for smaller purchases — single-ticket, merchandise and stadium concessions — later down the road.

The Titan’s have reportedly partnered with UTXO Management — a Nashville-based digital asset fund — and Bitcoin Magazine, which is also based in Nashville, to make Bitcoin payments possible.

Only three other professional sports organizations in the United States — the MLB’s Oakland Athletics and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks — accept bitcoin as tender.