A.J. Brown

Social media continues to not be A.J. Brown’s friend.

Brown, seemingly hyper-sensitive to criticism of any kind — particularly from those with a 615 area code — got into a social media spat over the weekend with a Tennessee Titans fan who told Brown to stay off social media.

“For the love of God, I was the best receiver to play for your franchise,” Brown said in a since-deleted tweet in response to the fan. “Shut up and move on. You mad at the wrong person.”

Brown’s boisterous declaration was not only the third dust-up he’s had since leaving the team in late April after he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, but it also caught the attention of former Titans great Derrick Mason, who stated on Darren, Daunic & Chase on 102.5-FM on Monday that he received several texts and direct messages about Brown’s tweet.

“My thing is, if you believe it, keep it,” Mason said. “He don’t even believe it. He don’t believe it so much that he erased the tweet.”

While some may defend Brown’s claim as the greatest receiver in Titans/Houston Oilers history as nothing more than his bravado talking, Mason maintained he believes Brown’s behavior is revisionist history stemming from a lack of mental fortitude.

“He may go to Philly and explode, but you got your money, why are you so worried about Titan fans?” Mason continued. “That’s because you’re sensitive. Mentally, you’re not tough. You’re just not. You’re showing that you’re mentally not tough. If you were, you wouldn’t care about what Tennessee Titans fans said. You would be worried about what Philly fans are saying or are going to say.” 

Mason, who’s widely considered one of the two best receivers in the history of the franchise and the best receiver in Titans history, had 453 receptions, 6,114 yards and 37 touchdowns in his eight-year Titans tenure, including four straight 1,000-yard seasons and two years with 95 or more receptions.

Mason had four seasons with more receptions, and three seasons with more receiving yards than Brown’s best year.

Among Titans/Oilers franchise receivers, Brown ranks 14th in career receptions (185) and yards (2,995), and 10th in touchdown receptions (24). Of Brown’s 43 career games, he had just 12 100-yard games and three multi-touchdown performances.

In fact, Brown’s career bests in receptions (70) and receiving yards (1,075) don’t even rank in the franchise’s top 10 in terms of single-season bests. His 11 single-season touchdowns in 2020 rank sixth all-time.

“A.J.’s a hell of a talent,” Mason added. “But I’ve seen a lot of ‘a hell of a talents’ in this league, and they didn’t amount to anything. In regards to the franchise, I can name two guys that were better. I can probably name more than that — three. 

“Drew Bennett, better. In terms of athleticism, hell, Drew was head and shoulders above [Brown]. Nate Washington [is] another guy. Kevin Dyson — go watch film of Kevin Dyson before he got injured. … Chris Sanders, the same thing. Now A.J. was a hell of a receiver, but if you’re going to claim to be the greatest, you’ve got to be on the field and be available for one. Then you can’t have lapses in your game where out of 17 games you only show up three.”

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