Tennessee Supreme Court

Brentwood-based health care analytics company Trilliant Health is suing San Diego-based spinal care company NuVasive over alleged breach of contract.  

In a suit filed earlier this month in Nashville federal court, Trilliant says that NuVasive owes the company more than $1 million from a five-year agreement the two reached. On May 26, the parties appeared in person in Nashville for required mediation, which was unsuccessful, according to court documents. 

Last June, the parties made a five-year agreement giving NuVasive access to Trilliant’s data platform, including a one-year exclusivity provision preventing certain NuVasive competitors from accessing the platform. According to court documents, NuVasive wanted access to Trilliant’s surgical data to identify surgeons who perform spine procedures in an effort to sell their products. In the agreement, NuVasive agreed to pay a $253,300 annual fee for five years. 

After a senior executive left NuVasive, the replacement executive asked to terminate the agreement without incurring any fees due to concerns about the volume of data. Trilliant refused to terminate the agreement, arguing that the agreement does not require any specific claims volume. 

Representatives for Trilliant and NuVasive did not respond to requests for comment. 

Trilliant is a year beyond landing its sixth major investor, with plans for further growth. Aegis Health and Clariture merged to form Trilliant in 2019.