Former Comprehensive Pain Specialists CEO John Davis made the cut for former President Donald Trump’s last-minute pardoning spree, with notable support from country music star and close friend Luke Bryan.

Davis, of Franklin, has so far served four of the 42 months to which he was sentenced by a Trump-appointed federal judge in July after being convicted of orchestrating a kickback scheme that defrauded Medicare by $4.6 million. In a statement from the White House announcing the commutation, a spokesperson characterized his crimes as “servings as Chief Executive Officer of a health care company with a financial conflict of interest,” claiming “no one suffered financially as a result of his crime” and that he had no prior criminal record.

Davis' co-conspirator, CCC Medical founder Brenda Montgomery — who received the same sentence after entering a plea deal with the feds — has not been afforded the same courtesy. Montgomery, who is 73, had previously requested a reduction of her sentence due to medical concerns. She was denied.

During trial in April 2019, a jury unanimously concluded that Davis, using a company in his wife’s name, solicited kickbacks from durable medical equipment prescriptions written by CPS physicians to CCC Medical. Davis made more than $770,000 from 2011 to 2015 from referring those prescriptions to Montgomery.

As CEO, Davis told CPS providers on various occasions that CCC Medical was the sole provider for Medicare DME and created an internal bonus structure that awarded doctors and mid-level providers to prescribe DME products with higher profit margins with Medicare.

Davis has also been accused of attempting to arrange other kickback schemes and still faces charges in a $50 million whistleblower suit against CPS and some of its other executives for defrauding government-sponsored insurance programs through an allegedly frivolous lab testing scheme.

Bryan, a close friend of Davis', was joined by his wife, Carolina — whose brother worked with Davis at CPS, based in Brentwood, as vice president of business development and testified on his behalf at trial — in supporting the commutation. They both attended the 2019 trial.

Also among the list was former CPS doctor Jeff Hall, who also testified for Davis at trial. Hall now works at Encore Health Group, a pain management venture Davis worked on with various former colleagues despite a court order prohibiting their interaction during the judicial process.

In a comment to the Post, Davis' attorney Kim Hodde said, "John has received a well-deserved commutation after an over-aggressive prosecution. We are incredibly thankful for this blessing. John is being released right now and will be home with his family tonight."

This post originally appeared in our partner publication, the Nashville Post

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