The TSSAA's annual dead period will not be cancelled this year, despite some push from the community to waive it after COVID-19 shut down schools and halted spring sporting activity. 

A special legislative session was called Thursday to discuss the topic, with a 6-6 vote bringing the TSSAA's legislative council to a stalemate and defeating the motion to halt the June 22-July 5 break in athletic activity. 

"We don't ever want to put sports before families, and many families make plans for the Dead Period every year," said Bernard Childress, Executive Director of the TSSAA, said in a release. 

"This is not the first year we've had the Dead Period and as eager as coaches are to get back to their routine, the Council ultimately felt that there wasn't a strong enough case for doing away with it this year."

The dead period is a traditional pause in the athletic calendar for TSSAA-affiliated schools. During the time, any TSSAA-affiliated school is barred from any organized team activities. 

"No coaching, observing, or contact between coach and players in sport involved," the TSSAA's 2019-20 Handbook reads of the rule. "There is no practice, no open facilities, and no weight training/conditioning. The Dead Period, which is to be observed by all schools, is the week of the 4th of July and the preceding week – 14 days." 

The TSSAA says that some felt that the dead period has been made superfluous due to the COVID-19 pandemic response. 

Now, the break will stand, meaning all Williamson County sports programs affiliated with the TSSAA will be on pause for the dead period's time frame. 

"All programs should put family first regardless of calendar," Brentwood football coach Ron Crawford Tweeted in wake of the decision. 

Williamson County Schools began allowing students on campus for the first time to do practice and conditioning since March on Monday. 

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