Last Wednesday night, Franklin Police say two people were arrested in Franklin after firing a water pellet gun from their car at a couple of strangers outside a Murfreesboro Road gas station, per a release. 

Some tense moments followed after the victims reported seeing someone in a black SUV holding a rifle and someone in that vehicle saying, “go, go, go,” before hearing a loud pop that the couple believed to be a gunshot, says FPD. 

The release says officers converged on the area, quickly spotting and stopping the suspect vehicle. Inside, they found a water pellet gun used to shoot “orbeez,” a pair of brass knuckles, open alcohol and drug contraband.

Jaden Bak, 19, and Cassidy Rogers, 22, were both arrested and charged with Assault and Disorderly Conduct. Rogers is facing an additional charge of Possession of a Prohibited Weapon, for the brass knuckles.

Bak is also facing additional charges, including Underage Consumption of Alcohol, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Underage Possession of Vape Cartridges. Both are free on a $1,000 bond set by the Williamson County Magistrate. The couple is due in court on July 14.

Police responded to an earlier call, in downtown Franklin, where a 10-year-old girl and her mom were hit by similar projectiles shot from a passing car, per the release. 

"Franklin Police say they will not tolerate assaults like these on innocent and unsuspecting community members, and that arresting & charging offenders will be their prescriptive response," the release says.