Police car

A Nashville and a Madison man were arrested on Sunday, Nov. 7, after police said that they robbed Home Depot with the use of an electroshock weapon.

54-year-old Serrod Murray Burnett and 43-year-old Kendall Dejuan Solomon were arrested by the Brentwood Police Department after they said that they duo attempted to walk out of the store without paying for copper wire.


Sherrod Murray Burnett

An employee attempted to stop the men, when police said that Burnett brandished an electroshock weapon which he allegedly activated so that the employee could audibly hear that the weapon was conducting electricity.

Burnett was charged with one count of robbery, while Solomon was charged with theft over $2,500 and evading arrest. Solomon also has three warrants out of Nashville.


Kendall Dejuan Solomon

According to BPD Assistant Police Chief Richard Hickey, Solomon ran from responding officers who took him into custody after deploying their tasers during the pursuit. Hickey said that Solomon was not injured during the arrest.