Staffing and consulting firm Vaco has acquired a Toronto company that specializes in technology talent, a move that builds on two previous growth pushes in Canada to give the local company a workforce of more than 150 people there.

Terms of Vaco’s deal for Prodigy Bank of Toronto aren’t being disclosed. Four-year-old Prodigy focuses on the e-commerce, software development and financial services sectors, among others, and works with more than 100 companies. It is home to 13 people.

“We felt a kindred chemistry with the Prodigy Bank team from the first meeting, and our bond was quickly steeled as we had to creatively find our way together through the tumultuousness of 2020,” said Jerry Bostelman, Vaco’s co-founder and CEO. “The creative spirit and progressive resiliency they’ve shown through these challenging times is one of many reasons we’re proud to fortify our Toronto operations with this extraordinary organization.”

Bostelman and his team moved north of the border for the first time in 2017, when they bought Toronto-Based Lannick. They supplemented that last year with the opening of a Montreal office that is expected to grow to 40 people this year. In all, the company does business in 40 markets and has about 1,200 employees and 8,600 consultants in its network.

“I'm thrilled to bring these two organizations together; I know corporate culture comes first for Jerry and the entire Vaco team, and that premise has been the pillar of our success as well,” said Peter Rajabian, founder and president of Prodigy, who is staying on as Vaco’s managing partner in Toronto. “We are strongly positioned to achieve our mutual vision for becoming a market leader in both technology recruiting as well as consulting services.”

This post originally appeared in our partner publication, the Nashville Post

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