Steve Groom

Attorney Steve Groom has announced the establishment of Dedicated General Counsel, PLLC, a firm dedicated to providing companies legal services without having to hire in-house counsel or retain major firms.

Groom’s career to date has included stops at Nashville firms Neal & Harwell, Stites & Harbison and Butler Snow and general counsel and other leadership positions at CapStar Bank, Franklin Financial, CoreCivic and SunTrust.

He has also worked as a chief human resources officer and chief risk officer for companies.

Dedicated General Counsel is a solo practice, and Groom will work remotely.

“All businesses need legal guidance, but not all businesses have the need, or the resources, for a full-time, in-house general counsel or legal department,” Groom said in a release. “For many businesses, the only alternative to an in-house legal department is to pay for the services of an outside law firmThis can be expensive, and the fees from month to month can be very unpredictable. With ‘fractional’ general counsel, such as Dedicated General Counsel, the business pays for a predetermined ‘fraction’ of the general counsel’s time. In other words, you pay for a ‘fraction’ of a highly experienced lawyer’s time, at a ‘fraction’ of the expense you’d typically pay for a law firm partner.”