Kevin Collins, Virsys12

Kevin Collins

Brentwood healthcare tech firm Virsys12 is still capitalizing on its corporate growth momentum with another leadership addition.

The company just announced its appointment of Salesforce Strategy Director Kevin Collins as its new vice president of services and technical architecture. Part of the significance of the new hire is that Virsys12 already operates as a leading Salesforce solution integrator within the healthcare consulting and AppExchange ISV. Collins’s specific purview when he worked at Salesforce’s Wellington, Fla. office was over healthcare and life sciences business strategy.

“We’re excited to welcome Kevin to our leadership team,” said Tammy Hawes, Virsys12 CEO and founder. “He has an industry-leading ability to use Salesforce technology in innovative ways to create value for our customers, and his Salesforce technical knowledge is enhanced by his decades of experience in the healthcare sector.” 

As a healthcare tech exec., Collins brings over 35 years of experience in product design and development as well as cloud computing services, customer access and business development. His new role will put him over the engineering of technical solutions to fulfill the needs of enterprise clients. Virsys12 will also rely on him to implement its product suite used by clients in the healthcare provider, payer and services space.

The new hire marks at least six C-suite additions so far this year, and personnel moves are hardly limited to the executive level. Last year, the company more than doubled its personnel from a staff of 22 people to that of 59 with a hybrid work model incorporating both onsite and remote workers, which paralleled massive revenue growth to the tune of 95 percent as the company emerged from the most turbulent parts of the pandemic economy. Virsys12’s pre-pandemic clientele spanned 32 states yet now dots 40 states.

“This new role at Virsys12 is the perfect fit for me,” said Collins. “It’s an opportunity to bring my knowledge to a company that’s offering Salesforce solutions that are a genuine game-changer for healthcare organizations. With the heightening demand for Virsys12 products, it’s an exciting time to be joining the company.”   

Before the move to Brentwood, Collins’s business strategy focus at Salesforce was on solutions for large payer and provider organizations. Leadership at Salesforce designated him as the point man for handling its 10 biggest HLS accounts, and Collins was acknowledged as one of the top healthcare SMEs Salesforce had, even earning perfect customer satisfaction scores for all six years with the company.

Salesforce had tapped Collins based on his healthcare IT consulting experience in senior product development roles for several employers like Dynamic Imaging and Sectra; the former of which was acquired by GE Healthcare.

Collins earned his B.A. from the University of Connecticut and brings 10 Salesforce certifications, including Data Architecture and Management Designer, Integration Architecture Designer and Platform App Developer.

Founded in 2011, Virsys12 provides products and solutions for Salesforce’s Digital 360 initiative and for provider lifecycle. The Salesforce initiative combines elements that help companies transform customer engagement efforts in the fully digital, remote environment.