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Members of the Williamson County Board of Education voted to approve the budget for the 2021-22 school year, one that shows a 4.1% increase in the General Purpose School fund over the prior original budget that was requested last July for the current year.

The General Purpose School fund proposed budget is $412,119,851, which is $16,194,082 over last year’s and $4,908,080 above the current revised budget or a 1.2% increase.

The board also voted to approve the Central Cafeteria Fund request that amounts to $14,068,454 with no projected rate increases, as well as the Extended School Program Fund budget (which covers all elementary schools) at $4,939,162, which includes tuition increases.

WCS Superintendent Jason Golden said the budget addresses key needs for the district’s next school year.

“We’ve included a recommended 4% pay increase for our faculty and staff, we have added a significant amount of funding for our online program, and we have made sure we have covered the special education needs,” he said before presenting the budget to the board.

Rachel Farmer, assistant superintendent for Finance, spelled out these facts that were used to prepare the budget: 

  • The county has not indicated a need to increase the employer share for medical or dental insurance this year.
  • The enrollment estimate for End of First Month (EOFM) is 40,397, an increase of 1,016 of K-12 students over last year’s EOFM of 39,381, a 2.58% increase. This is also a decrease of 351 from the 2019-2020 EOFM. This figure does not include our Pre-K program (up to 180) or our Early Childhood program (currently over 633 on Jan. 19). However, expenses for these programs are included in this budget as always.
  • WCS must provide for a minimum 3% fund balance within its General Purpose budget for state approval, which currently would be $12,363,596 based on its General Purpose appropriation request.
  • The annual cost to roll employees on the pay chart is $2,818,019 for both classified and professional.
  • In addition to the roll, a 4.0% raise for all employees in the district and the costs associated with that raise are included, which amounts to $8,496,318 (including benefits).

The budget will next go before the education and budget committees for the Williamson County Board of Commissioners, and will finally need approval from the full commission later this summer.

Click here to view all of Monday night’s board meeting.

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