Eric Welch

Eric Welch

Below is a questionnaire from WCS District 10 school board candidate Eric Welch:

Do you have children in WCS schools?

Both of my sons are graduates of FSSD and WCS schools.

Why did you choose to run for re-election on the WCS school board?

I still feel that calling to serve our WCS community and county and was encouraged to run by many of those families, teachers and staff, and other community leaders to put my name back on the ballot once again.

I also feel that there’s some major challenges ahead for WCS in particular and public education as a whole and it would be beneficial to have experience and proven leadership on the Board of Education to help navigate those challenges.

In the time since you’ve served on the WCS school board, what have you learned about your role?

That the role of the Board is not to run the school system, but to make sure it’s being run well.  We hire a Superintendent to manage the daily management of the district, but the Board provides the framework for how the Superintendent goes about those tasks through the creation of policy.

Also that there’s rarely easy answers.  The power of the Board of Education is often limited by outside factors such as budgetary constraints, federal and/or state guidelines, timelines, and mutually exclusive goals & desires of the community.  It’s important to have board members that will make the best decisions they can given all the considerations among the available options.

What are the biggest issues facing WCS?

A shift in attitude toward public education looking at it less as the institution that educates the next generation of our citizens and focuses primarily on the students inside those buildings and beginning to frame it more as a political issue or revenue opportunity that focuses more on the desires of adults outside the building.  This has both dangerous short and long-term implications, especially for a community like Williamson County whose foundation and economic driver is a strong education system.

If re-elected, how do you hope to continue making a difference on the school board and in the lives of students, teachers, and other stakeholders?

I’ll continue to listen to all sides and be open-minded to differing points-of-view, but ultimately act in the best interests of our students and schools, speaking out boldly on their behalf.  I hope the community will recognize that’s always been my motivation and allow me the opportunity to continue.

Anything else you’d like to add?

It’s been a blessing to have had the opportunity to serve the students, families and greater WCS community and would appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve.  I’m asking for the voters’ support in the ongoing elections.

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